A Closer Look: How Hearing Aids Bring Sound to Life

Hearing aids do much more than simply amplify sound. Some hearing aids can reduce background noise, can be controlled with a remote, or even connect to your wireless devices via Bluetooth. With so many options out there, it's important to work with us to find a device that suits your needs. Here, we explore some of the additional functionality available for hearing aids that offer an enhanced hearing experience.

The Technology Inside Hearing Aids

If you've ever used an over-the-counter hearing aid, you may have noticed its limited functionality. This is because these devices only amplify sound – including distracting ambient sounds that diminish clarity. There are two main types of hearing aids that you can be prescribed depending on your hearing needs: analog and digital. Analog hearing aids convert sound into electrical signals that are translated by the brain. In contrast, digital hearing aids translate sound into numeric codes, which allow for greater control over what is heard and how you hear it. No matter which type is recommended for your hearing loss, you can count on clear sound that makes it easier to communicate, hear on the job, and enjoy doing the things you love.

Beyond Basics

Today's hearing aids don't just deliver crystal-clear sound – they also offer a number of additional features to enhance use. Just a few of these include:

Find Your Hearing Aids Today

As technology advances, there's no doubt that hearing aids will continue to evolve and deliver even better performance in the future. If you want to learn more about available options, schedule a hearing evaluation today. We can help you determine which hearing aid designs and features will improve your hearing and overall quality of life.

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