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Hearing well is how we stay connected to the world around us. It lets us engage in conversations with people we love, enjoy concerts or sporting events, and notice the little things like birdsong or children laughing.

If you have hearing loss, there are solutions. You don't have to lose those connections. At Hearing Center South, we find the right solutions for patients every day. Whether you need hearing aids or are looking to protect your hearing for the future, we're happy to help. Our focus is on taking care of our patients, not selling hearing aids. We'll never pressure you into anything. We work hard to earn your trust, and one of the most satisfying experiences for us is when patients tell us what a difference we've made for them. We maintain a friendly, comfortable environment and a staff full of genuinely caring people.

We share an office with Eye Center South, which lets us offer one convenient place where patients can take care of their vision and their hearing with professionals they can trust. We're also able to offer audiometric screenings for eye care patients who are waiting on their vision appointment and want to check out their hearing as well.

Your First Appointment

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When you check in at the front desk, someone will greet you and make sure you feel at home. You'll sign in, share your insurance if you have it, and then fill out some paperwork, including a questionnaire about your hearing history. This process usually takes about 15-20 minutes. After that, we'll call you back for your appointment, which begins with a case history review and consultation in which we ask you what you've noticed about your hearing and any hearing issues in the past. Then our hearing aid specialist will complete a full hearing examination and audiogram, after which we'll explain the results fully.

If we recommend hearing aids and you choose to follow through, we'll move forward with fitting you with the right hearing aids. Some people may choose to wait to make a decision, but many go ahead and get hearing aids at their first appointment.

We can even fit you with a demo unit if we think you'd be a good candidate for over-the-ear hearing aids. This allows you to experience hearing aids for yourself before making a decision. A full examination may take an hour and a half because we spend quality time making sure every patient understands their options and feels comfortable making a decision.

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Payment Options

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We never pressure patients into making a decision, and we don't work on commission. We want you to choose the hearing aids that are right for your ears and your budget. We accept CareCredit if you want to finance your hearing aids, and we take any insurance that offers hearing-related benefits. We also take credit cards, cash, and check. When you purchase hearing aids, you're only required to pay half up front when you place the order and the other half when the hearing aids come in.

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