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We're not here just to sell hearing aids. We want to help you hear better and improve your quality of life.

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Hearing Center South is connected to Eye Center South, and we share the same compassionate, professional approach to helping patients that they have. We've been here for years and have served hundreds of clients who tell us they can see how genuinely we care about our patients. The best part of working in hearing healthcare is that this career gives us a great opportunity to impact people's lives in a positive way. Every day, we're honored to see the difference we make not just in our patients' lives but for their families and the people they're close to as well.

Our licensed certified hearing instrument specialist, Gene Smith, is a people-person with a servant's heart, and he is passionate about helping others. When he's between patients, you can often find him in the lobby greeting everyone or catching up with the rest of our staff - and that's the same warm approach he uses to put people at ease during audiogram examinations. He brings not just heart and understanding to his practice, but also two decades of expertise in treating hearing loss. No two cases of hearing loss are the same, and Gene's extensive experience treating many different patients has given him the expertise to find the right solution for each patient he sees.

A Comprehensive, Affordable Approach to Health

We partner with Eye Center South because we want to make caring for both hearing and vision an easy decision for our patients. Every patient who visits either Hearing Center or Eye Center South is eligible for a complimentary hearing evaluation, an offer you can take advantage of while you wait for your vision appointment.

Some insurance covers hearing instruments, and we're happy to accept any insurance that does. And we try to keep hearing aids affordable for all our patients. All cleanings and adjustments are included in the cost of the instruments themselves, and all hearing aids come with a repair period during which repairs are free as well.

Gene Smith, BC-HAS

Gene Smith, BC-HAS

Mr. Gene Smith is a Board Certified Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist with over 21 years experience assisting patients with hearing loss. He is an active member of the Alabama Society of Hearing Healthcare Providers and received the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Sciences in 2008. Mr. Smith has previously been employed by Beltone Corporate Retail and Dothan Hearing Aid Center.

Mr. Smith joined Hearing Center South in July 2010, embracing the opportunity to improve patients hearing alongside vision at Eye Center South. He has a passion for helping people improve their quality of life by assisting and providing proper instruments to communicate effectively.

His hearing program includes a complimentary hearing evaluation for all patients as part of Eye Center South’s comprehensive health plan. His association to Hearing Center South has contributed to the clinic as well as to the community. Mr. Smith resides in Dothan and has three sons, a daughter-in-law, and a granddaughter in the area.

Bring a Loved One

A couple at a consultation regarding hearing

We always advise patients to bring someone else, such as a spouse or friend, to your appointment. That will give us another perspective on your hearing loss and help us test possible hearing solutions while someone you speak with regularly is talking. While the office we use for examinations is quiet and private, we know that a larger concern for most people with hearing loss is places with background noise. Our location is the perfect place to test hearing aids in different environments.

When you're trying out a pair of hearing aids, we'll also lead you through the lobby and out the front door. We've also found that patients get a lot out of the experience if someone they know is walking and talking with them. It's amazing when you realize that you can speak in a comfortable, low voice and still understand what someone is saying to you, even in a crowded room or outside.

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